Hello Orchid Growers April 2019

Our May Sale/Open Day will be on Saturday 4th May 9am – 4pm and Sunday 5th May 9am – 2pm. There will be a wide selection of stock at discount prices / New releases / Divisions and Selected plants and plants in flower. A special listing will be available at the nursery on the day. Please circulate this as widely possible to your friends, orchid community and orchid societies.

Last months Orchid Growers Group discussed growing orchids in four seasons like we experience in most orchid growing areas in Australia. Many orchid growing areas in the world experience 2 -3 seasons throughout the year. Many years ago, a grower (Ivan Barton) and a number of friends processed the climatic conditions that a considerable number of orchid species grow in their natural environments. A lot of computing processing for rainfall, temperature, light was collated into a data base resulting in “Growing Orchids by climate”.

When I followed some recommendations for culture of some of my orchids it proved very accurate and modifying my watering and light conditions resulted in far better culture. There are thousands of orchid species growing naturally in so many different climatic environments. We cannot change the nature of the beast, but we can change how we handle it. Ivan’s work is no longer available. Using the internet to get information about various types of orchid species and the climate they grow in is easy, informative and accurate. From Ivan’s work it followed that hybrids with high percentages of particular species in their parentage will follow the cultural requirements of the species dominant. Follow considering the climate conditions and seasons that your orchids require and grouping them accordingly to vary watering, temperature, light etc will reward with improved results.

Next Orchid Growers Group will be on Saturday 4th May. The main topic for the day will be all the different orchid mediums and mounts available and understanding Air porosity, water holding capacity and pH. When we understand these concepts, we can achieve good results by using various of these components in our particular growing environment.

The website is currently being updated with new additions. These will be posted by the end of next week.

Thank you for your support.

Ross and Liz

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