Hello Orchid Growers March 2020

Our website has been updated with many new listings. In addition to new releases there are a number of community pots and selected plants available.

February Growers Group saw a group of enthusiastic visitors from Glasshouse and District Orchid Society participating. Feedback was that all had a very enjoyable and productive time.

Main discussion of the day centred around discussing how various types of orchids have differing growing cycles throughout the year and how to position and group a mixed collection of orchids to facilitate this. Many years ago we published a booklet “Basic Guide to Orchid Growing”. It contained a section with a “Cultural Chart for Common Genera” .

Nowadays there are a number of good sources for orchid culture in various areas throughout the year. “Orchids Australia” (the official Publication of the Australian Orchid Council) publishes detailed cultural notes for growing orchids in various regions of Australia throughout the year.

Some of the main factors that need to be considered when growing a mixed collection of orchids in four seasons are –

  • Watering
  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Fertilizing requirements
  • Evergreen or deciduous
  • Cycle of dormancy, growth and flowering
  • Seasonal susceptibility to pests and diseases

All of the above factors change through seasons and the orchid’s growing cycle. To be successful we need to understand the orchid’s requirements and group similar types together. This will make modifying growing conditions and requirements much easier and effective.

Next Orchid Growers Group is on Saturday 4th April. Main topic for the day will be discussion of the many various potting and mounting media that can be used in orchid growing. We will also have an open question forum to encourage growers to express areas of interest and concern.

Thank you for your support

Ross and Liz

March 2020 Photos

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