Hello Orchid Growers May 2020

Another month has passed so quickly. Like so many others, we wish it had passed smoothly and easily. June Orchid Growers Group is cancelled due to the ongoing Coronavirus conditions and restrictions. We will keep you informed via our monthly newsletter when it can recommence.

We are shutting down our website shortly for a period of a couple of weeks. Again, this is related to Coronavirus developed issues. We have many administrative, organizational and physical issues to attend to as a result. Despatch delays, local and interstate, are still causing anxiety for some customers. These are improving but still somewhat erratic. Having limited resources (just the 2 of us!) this will allow us to do what we need to do as fast as possible. The website will be back up again as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

We can be contacted by

Phone: (07) 3888 3637

Email: info@aranbeemorchids.com.au

Still cleaning out past memories and finding gems from the past. How things have changed over the decades. There are some orchids that originated in Australia that impacted overseas nurseries in ways that you would not believe. Queensland Orchid Nursery, J. Burrows, registered a hybrid, Den. Dawn Maree (= Formosum x cruentum) in 1983 H&R Nurseries in Hawaii mericloned a seedling of this hybrid – variety “H&R”. Dr Greg Williams of Rockhampton flowered a superior tetraploid mutation variety – “GJW”. We returned a plant of “GJW” to H&R Nurseries and they mericloned it. One of the largest orchid nurseries in Hawaii, Orchid Center, had been growing on a batch of 5000 plants of Den. Dawn Maree ‘H&R’. When owner Richard Takafuji saw Den. Dawn Maree ‘GJW’ he dumped all his stock of ‘H&R’ to replace it with ‘GJW’. Shown are pictures taken on October 1990 of Den. Dawn Maree ‘GJW’ and Richard Takafuji of Orchid Center standing next to the skip bin containing 5000 plants of Den. Dawn Maree ‘H&R’. If you did not see these pictures you would not believe the story!

Growers now a days expect fast delivery of their precious orchids. In the late 70’s and early 80’s if you wanted the best quality Cattleyas and others available you had to obtain them from Premier overseas nurseries. Frank Slattery Orchid Nursery in Sydney was agent for Fred A. Stewart and Armacost & Royston Orchids in USA. From placing your order from these eagerly awaited colour catalogues to receiving the plants ordered could take 6 to 9 months. Payment was required many months before receipt and if your ordered plants died in Quarantine there was no refund or exchange. Following is a copy of Frank Slattery Orchid Nursery ordering procedure and conditions from 1980. How many customers would sign up to order plants this way now a days? (Makes Australia Post look good!).

Thank you for support and understanding

Ross & Liz

May 2020 Photos

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  1. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    Oh my goodness all those orchids in the dumpster.
    If I’d been there I would’ve been grabbing them and stuffing them
    in my car. There would be no way in hell I’d let all those
    gorgeous orchids go to the tip. I would be crying for days
    if I couldn’t get them!! :[ :[


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