Hello Orchid Growers October 2019

October Growers Group was a fun time exploring different and inventive ways of potting and arranging orchids. A good roll up had a very enjoyable time opening our minds to less “traditional” ways of growing orchids.

There are so many different materials that may be used to mount orchids – cork, tree fern, timber, rubber, foam are just a few. Not all orchids like all materials so you need to match the right orchid to the right material. You can make different sizes and shapes and even create interesting structures.

Shown are pictures of some of the options we explored. Various cork and tree fern mounts can be decorated with “old mans beard” to add some decoration. A pruned Callistemon branch can host a family of Tolumnias. A discarded old clay pipe and empty clay pot hosts a very happy semi terete Vanda. A carved coconut can be modified into a suitable growing container by drilling numerous holes in the base.

Some orchids also lend themselves to creative training and displaying of the inflorescence and flowers. Shown is Onc. bauei which produces very long (3 – 4 metre) spikes which elongate before making numerous side branches. Training the spike on a circle of fencing wire (like a Hoya) will turn an otherwise difficult and boring inflorescence into a ball of fire. I am not sure how orchid judges would react to this in a show!

A very busy month of repotting, deflasking and even getting many of our own plants attended to. So much done and so much more to do. Next Orchid Growers Group will be Saturday 2nd November. The main topic for the afternoon will be deflasking orchids, care and growing on of your young orchid plants. It is sure to be an enjoyable and productive time.

Thank you for your support

Ross and Liz

October 2019 Newsletter Pictures

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  1. Lyn Heysen
    Lyn Heysen says:

    Love reading your newsletters – thank you for forward them on to me. I have recently bought from you a flask of Cattleyas George King ‘Serendipidy’ and looking at your upcoming Orchid Growers Group on 02 November – I wish I could be there … unfortunately I live in Victor Harbor, south of Adelaide. I wonder if you would be able to send me notes on deflasking and taking care of the little plants. I have deflasked mine and currently they are in 2″ pots and being kept in a small clear plastic box with clay balls and a little water in the bottom.
    Is this Ok and what and when should my next step be with them?
    Kind regards, Lyn Heysen

    • Ross Maidment
      Ross Maidment says:

      Hi Lyn, thanks for the feed back. Listen to the deflasked plants – they should be making new roots and leaves hardening off. Take care not to over water. If it is working for you stay with it. Next Newsletter I will write detailed notes and include pictures about deflasking.


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