Hello Orchid Growers September 2021

Spring has been trying to come for some weeks now. Every time we think it has warmed up another cold front comes with cooler temperatures and strong westerly winds. We cannot remember having so many westerlies ever. It is starting to look like it will be coming to an end in the next week and we can seriously start working on a new growing season. We have had many nice varieties flowering throughout this period and eagerly look forward to potting on more.


Flask varieties currently available are listed on the website. These flask varieties will be available for a further very limited time only. We are not certain at this point when any further varieties will be available.

Opening Hours

There are very few Orchid Nurseries open to the public to be able to personally visit and select plants. We are dispatching more and more online orders from our website, and this is now our main source of business income. We are a small husband and wife operation without the resources of the mass marketers. Sometimes we have to do multiple parcel runs throughout the week or may be away for short periods.

The nursery is always open the first Saturday of the month 9am – 4pm. In addition, we are here working, therefore open, most days and times. Simply phone or email to arrange a day and time that is mutually suitable. Many of our customers are increasingly availing themselves of this mutual convenience. By arranging a time to visit will avoid disappointment if we are away or unavailable. Most Orchid Nurseries / Ebay / Facebook sellers etc do not offer their customers this flexibility.


As most of us should be aware, Australia Post is already forewarning of major December parcel delays and disruptions. Though we understand that they are “doing their best”, this will cause much pain and loss to many businesses across the country. We are watching this closely and getting as much information as we can. Obviously, there will be an early deadline after which dispatch orders will just not be delivered prior to Christmas. We will give advance notice of our December Dispatch Deadline for you to plan ahead.

New Varieties

We already have a considerable number of new varieties underway for future listing on the website over the coming months. There is an extensive range and diversity of quality new listings. As the weather warms up and they become well established we will be progressively uploading them to the website.

Next Newsletter we will have another article about Orchid Culture prepared. We started it for this month, but a run of additional family age care and babysitting grandchildren issues and duties arose and consumed our time. We are sure that you understand and have also done the same for your flock!

Thank you for your support

Ross and Liz

Photos September 2021

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