There are now 4 different naming systems operating concurrently in the “Orchid World”. The following information might give you some understanding of how to navigate your way through orchid names……

The last couple of months we have rediscovered many stories of Orchid Christmas’s past. We have been shredding old archived paper work to make packing material for dispatch orders. Sometimes this has been a slow process, as you peruse and recall with humor (and sometimes disbelief!) how things were….

We wish you a Happy Christmas & a Safe & Healthy New Year!

Thank you for your support in 2019. We look forward to serving you in 2020.

November Orchid Growers Group was enthusiastically attended. The main topic of the day was learning about deflasking orchids and care of small plants. Over the years we have deflasked hundreds of thousands of flasks of many various types and genera of orchids. Following is information ….

October Growers Group was a fun time exploring different and inventive ways of potting and arranging orchids. A good roll up had a very enjoyable time opening our minds to less “traditional” ways of growing orchids….

September has certainly been a very busy time. We had a shipment of flasks in for Spring and varieties available have been listed on the website (some that were listed have been sold out). The nursery has been repacked and….

A listing of flasks (whisky bottle type – approx 40 plants each) has been uploaded on the Website

August Growers Group Meeting saw over 100 enthusiastic orchid growers participating – learning about orchid culture, meeting new friends and having a wonderful afternoon tea. Some members from a local orchid society (Brisbane Orchid Society) joined the afternoon and all gave very positive feedback about the experience.The main topic of the afternoon was potting. Following are some of the key points we discussed….

Next Growers Group Meeting will be Saturday 3rd August. With Spring approaching the main topic of the afternoon will be potting – Theory and Practice. We aim to set you up with all you need to know to start the season on the right footing.Last month we covered pests and Diseases with special attention to virus in orchids. Over the past decades I have been involved in Orchid Virus studies sponsored by the AOC, exchange of information with local and overseas nurseries and conducted and / or been privy to the results of many thousands of virus tests. Following is information about virus in orchids we feel valuable to your success. Also are a number of links to further information if you are interested….

I am considering spending less time with my orchids to concentrate on fishing. We ran away for a few days camping at Inskip Point this month. It appears that I do have some potential…