We hope you are enjoying a good growing season. Plenty more rain here has really set the grass and weeds into overdrive. Christmas and New Year is rapidly approaching. Following is information about order dispatch deadlines that are necessary throughout this period. Also is information about ploidy (diploid, triploid, tetraploid…..

Spring has finally established itself and minimum temperatures have started to be consistently warmer. We have had some cooler nights and days even into October this year. Orchids are finally putting out new shoots and roots everywhere…….

Spring has been trying to come for some weeks now. Every time we think it has warmed up another cold front comes with cooler temperatures and strong westerly winds. We cannot remember having so many westerlies ever. It is starting to look like…..

A new listing of flasks has been updated to our Website. Flask varieties will be available for a limited time only unless sold out prior. Thank you for your support Ross & Liz

Hello Orchid Growers August 2021The Olympics has given us a little bit of diversion from all the Covid19 saga and sadness. Plenty of dedication, perseverance, new records and history involved in the Olympics. One of our Newsletter readers, Don McClelland, reminded me of an article and the story of C. Bow Bells…….

We hope you are all safe, well and warm. All of us have to make the best of Covid restrictions and disruptions. We can see an end coming to Winter and hopefully will see the same with Covid. We did our bit by Socially isolating and going camping and fishing…

Aranbeem Orchids will be Open next Saturday 10th July 9am – 4pm in response to many requests….

Winter weather certainly set in over the last month. So far we have used more firewood in the combustion heater than all of last year. Even had to go for a country drive to Woodford to get more ironbark!
A new selection of flasks currently available has been uploaded on our website….

We hope you are all safe, dry and warm. We have had such a long intense period of rain and storms and our grounds are finally starting to dry out. Took the opportunity to escape for a few days camping at Foxbar Falls outside of Stanthorpe…..

We hope you are all safe and well. It has been a trying month with further Covid restriction and periods of intense rain causing flooding. Despite this we managed to struggle (or wade) through it! It did give us some opportunity to do some more work on our own plants. Following is some…