Winter weather certainly set in over the last month. So far we have used more firewood in the combustion heater than all of last year. Even had to go for a country drive to Woodford to get more ironbark!
A new selection of flasks currently available has been uploaded on our website….

We hope you are all safe, dry and warm. We have had such a long intense period of rain and storms and our grounds are finally starting to dry out. Took the opportunity to escape for a few days camping at Foxbar Falls outside of Stanthorpe…..

We hope you are all safe and well. It has been a trying month with further Covid restriction and periods of intense rain causing flooding. Despite this we managed to struggle (or wade) through it! It did give us some opportunity to do some more work on our own plants. Following is some…

Hello Orchid Growers March 2021We hope all are safe and well. Covid virus situation continues to cause disruption and restrictions. We managed the need to escape for a period of social isolation – camping and fishing. In this Newsletter shown are some more…..

Hello Orchid Growers February 2021The first month of 2021 has certainly passed quickly. Some warm weather and frequent rain certainly made the weeds and grass grow faster than the orchids – all under control again now. We are slowly continuing to repack and set up the nursery sales area….

Hello Orchid Growers January 2021
Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy New Year. Pictured are some of our flowerings for the first week of the year and shows promise for a good 2021…..

Hello Orchid Growers November 2020Rapidly coming to the end of another Calendar year. The Orchids are enjoying the growing season and really appreciated the recent heavy rainfall. Plenty of storms and hail, but the damage was only to shade cloth and trees. Over the coming months (November, December and January) we are here working, therefore, open most days and times….

Hello Orchid Growers October 2020Last month got away from us somewhat – still very challenging business and personal for us all in the Covid 19 world….

Still no end in sight with the Coronavirus situation, but looking forward of the end of Winter. We decided if you can’t beat it join it, so went into social isolation fishing and camping for a week. My fishing is like my orchid growing (I suck at it most times, but sometimes have some success). I was surprised, but honored…..

It certainly has been a challenging period both physically and emotionally. Covid-19 situation has impacted so many of us in so many unexpected ways…..